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Posted by scarlett1973 on May 17, 2016 at 4:05 PM

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Veggiecation is an evidence-based children's culinary nutrition-education program that promotes and educates communities on the health benefits of vegetables and how to prepare them in simple, unique, affordable, and most importantly, delicious ways. Veggiecation lessons allow children and parents to develop the culinary skills that will empower them to prepare meals that are health conscious and environmentally sustainable. This ability will benefit participants throughout their lives and allow them to make food choices that are socially conscious and give them the power to take responsibility of their own health and wellness in a way that is realistic and affordable.


Veggiecation offers an online certification program that provides passionate individuals with the skills to teach Veggiecation's signature Healthy Kids Cooking Classes. Participants learn everything from food safety and allergy awareness to the unique style of teaching that makes Veggiecation classes so engaging and successful.


"Veggiecation's training is quick & affordable and provides all the skills and tools to teach their healthy kids cooking classes. Best of all they provide all the business and marketing resources you need to help make extra money in your coaching business!" -  By Kimmell Proctor, PA

"Veggiecation has allowed me to combine my knowledge and my passion and turn them into an incredible experience teaching in day care centers, after school programs, and summer camps" - By Lori Drouin, NJ 

"The Veggiecation program has given my team the ability to spread the love of vegetables and wellness to a larger population at a single time, while maintaining a fun and educational experience" - By Jenna A. Werner, NJ


Classes can take place at schools and/or out-of-school and summer programs. Kids learn about food and kitchen safety, nutrition, food preparation, and how to have fun in the kitchen. All activities are specifically design for each age group to keep children engaged. 

All recipes are designed to be simple, quick, and delicious. Moreover, they are made with ingredients that unprocessed and easy to keep on hand. But that is NOT all! The creators of the Veggiecation Program also made sure to help you save money and time with their budget meal planning recipes. 

Make sure to visit their website for more information about these classes and the Veggiecation Program.


Post a comment below for your chance to win a Curious Chef Kit!!!

** Winner will be notified via e-mail ***

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Reply C Brown
5:15 PM on May 17, 2016 
I hope I win this time :)
Reply Jenny P.
5:18 PM on May 17, 2016 
Lucky #2
Reply Tony Brewer
5:19 PM on May 17, 2016 
Here is my entry.
Reply Claudia Moreno
5:23 PM on May 17, 2016 
The program sounds great! I want to become a Veggiecator.
Reply Manuel Gonzalez
5:24 PM on May 17, 2016 
I was glad to see a male instructor in the picture you posted on Facebook. I would like to do this too.
Reply Karen P
5:30 PM on May 17, 2016 
Reply Susan Jsn
5:31 PM on May 17, 2016 
Sounds like a great idea.
Reply Victoria T.
5:32 PM on May 17, 2016 
I want in too.
Reply JP2000
5:34 PM on May 17, 2016 
Reply Elizabeth B.
5:34 PM on May 17, 2016 
number 10 sounds lucky
Reply Becky T.
7:22 PM on May 17, 2016 
The program looks very interesting 👍🏻
Reply Tara83
2:46 PM on May 18, 2016 
I'm 12
Reply TJ200
4:48 PM on May 19, 2016 
Maybe the number 13 will bring me good luck.
Reply David L.
8:08 PM on May 19, 2016 
I would like to see this program at my kid's school.
Reply Claire Brown
8:23 PM on May 19, 2016 
I hope I win this time :(
Reply Maria Delgado
6:27 PM on May 23, 2016 
I like it!!!!
Reply GT2000
12:36 PM on May 24, 2016 
Here is my entry :D
Reply Teresa Martinez
1:03 PM on May 25, 2016 
I love the idea
Reply Amanda F.
4:30 PM on May 25, 2016 
I really like the concept and I will share it with our team. We have a summer camp program for our students and this sounds like a great program.
Reply Lisa Fry
5:07 PM on May 26, 2016 
My 5 year old loves to cook and bake! This would be perfect for him!! Pick me:):):)